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June 11, 2013


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Kennedy told Kloor he has written a book that shows Thimerosal really does cause autism, and the book contains very strong evidence to support this position. Except Kennedy isn’t going to publish it because it would cause mass panic.
I wonder if for his next trick, he'll wave around evidence that a randomly varying number of Communist agents are infiltrating Hollywood and the government and then quietly tuck it away when the kangaroo court is in session.

It sounds to me like the perfect marketing scam: announce the book is controversial and that it's so astounding you won't believe it (and therefore would scare you too much) and the anti-vaxxers and fence-sitters would hurry out to buy it - it's that darned important to making your health decisions. On the other hand, if it doesn't sell well or doesn't go to print, blame it on the conspiracy; it was just so controversial the government has been preventing me from publishing it.

Update on Kennedy's book. According to the Boy Wonder/Ace Reporter (who went rogue) against his handlers at AoA, Kennedy spent $100,000 for the "research" and invested another $100,000 for editing. Boy Wonder is angry at Kennedy for holding back the release of that book.

I posted comments directly at Kennedy on the Slate blog, requesting that he publish the book...he didn't reply/sigh.

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