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February 04, 2005


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Comment deleted by Skeptico due to troll-like behavior – specifically use of sock puppets.

“John Haluska”, “medical student”, “Dr.Max McCullen immunologist” or whoever you really are, please stop spamming this blog with multiple comments to different posts. If you want to post comments then please keep to the point and provide evidence to back up your claims. If you want to post 4,000 word rants against the medical establishment then I suggest you get your own blog. You can start one with a month’s free trial here. Any more long off-topic rants will be deleted.

General Note: Duplicate posts to Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion have been deleted.

Quickly sifting through the AMA/FDA bashing I don't particularly care about:

"[Chiropractic] is a legitimate medical practice that often solves medical problems conventional medicine can't."

Evidence, please?

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