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March 08, 2005


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I've recently been watching The Brier, the Canadian National Curling Championship. One of their major sponsors this year is Strauss Heart Drops. I grind my teeth every time one of their commercials comes on.

my doctor alerted me to the potential dangers of herbal medicines: I was about to embark on a course of treatment for rheumatism. First checked the Net to see what it said, and have changed my mind. I'll stick to yoga for the moment.

i used two ayurvedic medicine both by Hamdard company known as Khamer gao zaban and safi for two months and three weeks respectively,had diarrhea from taking safi and subsequently developed insomnia and food allergy from cheese ,i get hive everytime i take cheese now.I never had this problem before.I wonder what effect heavy metals have in these medicine

Never heard of someone developing food allergies (or similar-seeming problems) as a result of that stuff. Considering the chemical cocktail those herbs tend to be, I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.

Has anyone here ever heard of Ayurvedic medicine or other stuff causing that sort of reaction before?

i have been taking safi for years and never had any problems but got rid of the problem. i had bad acne for years and safi was the only thing that helped. i was tired of using all this bullshit creams and cleansers. Safi is a tonic, its a blood purifier. the reason for diarrhea is to detoxify. it cleanses internaly. there are many food substances left in our stomach for years. Unless you want to keep it in and call it antique and get more stomach problems. Improve your english. Ayurvedic medicine is from natural planst and roots. unlike other medicine with chemicals and drugs. Oh i know maybe your just weak. your body cant take healthy stuff
You guys should stick to harsh medicine with drugs that you think is helpful to you.

And all we have for this is your word, no evidence, except a highly undetailed anecdote (how'd you control against natural improvement, the regressive fallacy, etc.?).

Nice use of loaded language, too. Especially the humpty-dumpty scare word "chemicals". Everything made of atoms contains chemicals, including herbs.

Also, "natural" is meaningless: Ricin is natural. Box jellyfish poison is natural. Ionic mercury is natural. A chemical is a chemical is a chemical, regardless of origin.


Re: Safi is a tonic, its a blood purifier. the reason for diarrhea is to detoxify. it cleanses internaly.

detoxing is made-up nonsense.

Re: Improve your english.


Re: Oh i know maybe your just weak.

The irony

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