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March 10, 2005


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Interesting thing about leeches, A "cauliflower ear", is caused by the blood in the ear from the bruising being unable to drain quickly. Application of a leech, can remove the blood, and prevent the problem. I sort of remember there are other problems which are best served by leeching.

Leeches are also used to debride wounds, since their saliva is antiseptic. However, back in the "bad old days", they claimed leeches could cure ANYTHING! This is manifestly not the case.

I can't see any use whatsoever for chiropractic, reiki, TT or any of the other "New Age" guff. My sister tried to turn me on to homeopathy to cure me of psoriasis. When it didn't work, she said that it was because I refused to believe it would.

That's the big difference; it doesn't matter a damn if I believe in aspirin or penicillin. They work, and, more importantly perhaps, we know how they work. That knowledge has led to greater understanding of the human physiology and new cures that owe nothing to trendy pop cures.

Medicine gets better year by year. You'd think with all the supposed centuries of experience with the likes of acupuncture, homeopathy etc., they'd be so well understood and potent that we wouldn't need any further tests. However, they never do improve.

PS, I'm not the same person as the other "big al" who posted. Force of habit to use my normal handle. Sorry, al, not trying to steal your identity or put words in your mouth.

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