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March 30, 2005


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Thanks for that one. I wish I could watch Shermer debate one of those pseudo-scientists.

Shermer won’t debate them any more. To understand why, read this account of Shermer’s debate with Kent Hovind:

The problem is that this is not an intellectual exercise, it is an emotional drama. For scientists, the dramatis personae are evolutionists v. creationists, the former of whom have an impregnable fortress of evidence that converges to an unmistakable conclusion; for creationists, however, the evidence is irrelevant. This is a spiritual war, whose combatants are theists v. atheists, spiritualists v. secularists, Christians v. Satanists, godfearing capitalists v. godless communists, good v. evil. With stakes this high, and an audience so stacked, what chance does any scientist have in such a venue?

I think I read that Richard Dawkins feels the same way.

The real problem with "Intelligent design", is that the design is so often lousy. I have heard of women experiencing many hours of agony, producing a child from her womb, and most,if not all, men know the pain that results when a certain portion of the anatomy receives a blow.

Thanks for the info. I guess a "debate" requires two sides with facts to back up their arguments. All we can do is keep trying to open people's eyes. 'Tis sad this is 200-stinking-5 and people still believe ancient fables to be fact.

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