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April 03, 2005


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Hi Richard,

Great posts concerning The Astrology Challenge. Being in science I have had conversations with astrology believers, and believers in other forms of mysticism. And like them, the answer of Rob Hand seems to say that these people are passive receivers of truth (‘…astrological ideas are closer to revelation…’) compared to the active seekers of truth (i.e., scientists). Can someone clearly state to me the ‘truth’ that Rob Hand (and other mysticists) claim to have received from astrology? It seems to me that you can compare advances, or knowledge gained, between the two systems (astrology vs. science). Say the ability of psychology and astrology to predict dangerous, psychopathic behaviour. I think it is pretty clear that psychology would win this challenge. Simple common sense tells you that science, and its methods, gets things done. It always struck me as odd that the believers in mysticism do not make this connection as they hop in their cars (not astral project), talk on their cell phones (not use telepathy), and generally enjoy a modern life brought about by science.

Keep up the good work.


Interesting post!

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