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April 13, 2005


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What do they call Chinese food in China?


Sadly, that's one of my favorite jokes, but it has a hidden critical thinking message: you need to think around things you take for granted.

Anyway, I love this blog! Keep it up!

its really good

Recently posted these on the 2% trackback... and it seems they didn't show up (yet?):

What do you call a person who can perform acts of levitation, teleportation, and divination?

A stage magician.

What do you call the beings who create crop circles?


What do you call the ability to instantly communicate with others across the globe?


Well alternative medicine can effect your health either positively or negativley. It can give your body side effects or it can be beneficial.

No, alternative medicine never has positive results. Why?

Remember - What do you call medicine that works?

Medicine. You did read the article and aren't just trolling, right?

Umm, that should read "what do you call alternative medicine that works". imsostupid...

I imagine that roughly 0.000001% of alt-to-med might have some slight benefit... but I'm not going to gamble my health on those odds, especially if they're uninterested in divising proper tests.

About the only thing real doctors can learn from alt-to-med is probably good bedside manner, if they skip the lessons on blaming the victim when things don't work out.

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