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April 18, 2005


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***heavy sigh*** (this is for added drama, a key element in any discussion - i like to find new ways to condescend)

I know what an "ad hominem" is AND i know how to spell it...

i was simply pointing out that you and your cronies were the ones to take the conversation to the level of insults, name calling and spell checking... (not just with me, but with anyone who disagrees with you - check the posts!) apparently this is OK when you do it... talk about 12 year olds! if you can't take it, don't dish it out...

Go back and read.

We responded to your "anti-dreaming" straw man: We're the ones in favor of progress because skeptics perform a valuable service: We shoot down bad ideas so good ones can flourish. The filmmakers and their fans are against us shooting down their bad ideas. If they were good ideas, they'd be able to launch a much better defense than to whine about the insults that came with our arguments.

We told you how skepticism works, and exactly how it's open-minded, yet you continued to talk about your fantasy hollywood pseudoskeptic stereotype.

When presented evidence that I'm capable of dreaming of new things, you refer to the hollywood gamer stereotype, as if that somehow made my arguments less valid.

We have bullseyes painted on our belief (or disbelief) systems and you refuse to take a shot.

We praise REAL openmindedness, and you pretend we're afraid of it. You're afraid to be open-minded. You're afraid of admitting to the possibility you might be wrong.

Prove to me that you're open-minded: Answer this question: What would it take to convince you that you're wrong?

either answer the direct questions, post a substantive claim about this film backed with evidence, or don’t post here again.

Umm...which one did you pick boner? I call for bannination!

I know what an "ad hominem" is AND i know how to spell it...

OK, just wondering since you called an "ad hominem" on BD when one was never committed.

Keep setting up those straw men boner! Huff and Puff and blow them down! We'll stand aside, wearing our Cloaks of Evidence + 5, knowing they have resistance against such wind.

Oh, and you committed an ad hominem right here.

Thanks for playing. I'll take Evidence for $500 Alex.

Comment deleted by Skeptico

Boney, I warned you to stop posting childish crap. This is not your playground.

A handful of good ideas that flourished because of skepticism: Evolution, continental drift, heliocetrism, germ theory of disease, relativity, gravity... well, I think you know where I'm going with this.

Science works under the idea that you try to shoot down your own ideas every way you can. If it remains standing, it's probably true. All of those ideas I mentioned involved experimentation and observation of data. When they bumped into something that didn't fit, they changed their ideas as necessary.

Oh, and once again, Prove to me that you're open-minded: Answer this question: What would it take to convince you that you're wrong?

Did you mean "Bannition"?

No, I meant bannination. You haven't been using teh internets very long, have you?

stick to your John Cougar cover soongs

I can't recall ever playing a soong. But we haven't pulled out the 'ol Cougar for awhile. I don't like doing too many cover songs.

Boney, how long are you going to keep coming here and posting off topic insults that make you appear to be nothing more than a 12 year old AOL troglodyte?

Oh, and once again, Prove to BronzeDog that you're open-minded: Answer this question: What would it take to convince you that you're wrong?

I am closing this post to comments.

This “What the bleep” post has been up for seven months, and in all that time and 106 comments (some admittedly from me), no one has come up with even one valid criticism of my review of this absurd film.

Oh, there have been several comments of the fallacious have an open mind variety that I debunked. A few have been from people who clearly do not understand even the basics of quantum mechanics. (Unlike the expert who fact-checked my QM statements.) But no valid criticisms. So my review stands as written.

Now, thanks to a moron posting as “boney”, this comments thread has degenerated into childish name-calling with nothing new added by the people who disagree with my review. I did not write this detailed review, nor set up this blog, for idiots to use it as their playground. Sadly, the comments to this post are no longer adding anything worthwhile and so I am closing them. If you are new to this blog and want to leave a comment regarding my “what the bleep” review, I am sorry. You have boney to thank.

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