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May 08, 2005


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In the last year I have been challenging a number of academic institutions with questions on a completely unrelated matter. However, as frustrated as it may seem to the unscientifically inclined, there is so much scientific data to support evolutionary theory that trying to put evolution on trial is a most foolish adventure. We have separation of church and state laws, just as do most countries in the Western civilized world. These laws keep our democracies from going into the chaos which is causing world anguish. For conservative religious right advocates to attempt to a get a stage for their puny intellectually foolish cause, has gained great interest throughout the world. It reflects poorly on the State of Kansas, and the United States to even allow such discussion to proceed. It is a step backward for mankind in general to even comprehend such matters.


Kansas approves ID to be taught in science classrooms, proving that even many people people from Kansas are not educated. If only religious fundamental zealots would learn what science (and the scientific method) is, we would not have this problem. I feel as though my tax dollars are being stollen from me and spent on lying to the children who need real science more that most do. Evolution therory never makes any claims about origins of life on earth. However, it is certain that the choice to teach ID came from a very UNintelligent Designer. Perhaps this was the actions of a monkey-like organism that has yet to evolve into a human capable of reasoning ablity and logical thinking. Teach ID in a theology class or a philosophy class. If there can not be a seperation of church and state then I pray that my child never goes to school in Kansas. By the way, I recommend boycotting any products or services from any state that will allow the destruction of one of mankinds greatest achievements, "The Scientific Method." If any of you out there would like to read a great book that describes what is causing Kansas to perpetuate this mess I recommend:
"Why God Won't Go Away : Brain Science and the Biology of Belief"
by Andrew Newberg, Eugene G. D'Aquili, Vince Rause, Andrew B. Newberg

Between this, and my family's failed attempt last night to counteract the mob of pseudo-religious biological idolators in Texas chipping away at the federal First Amendment, the government is looking that much worse.

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