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May 26, 2005


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While I am far from convinced of the connection between mercury and autism, this is idiotic.

The symptoms for mercury poisoning listed are obviously for the affects of mercury on an adult brain. The hypothetical reasoning behind mercury causing autism is that the effects on a developing brain would be significantly different. Any effects that inhibit development would never enter into case histories of adults with mercury poisoning.

As for these symptoms:
"paresthesias (pins and needles), headaches, ataxia (loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement), dysarthria (difficulty in articulating words, caused by impairment of the muscles used in speech), visual field constriction, blindness, and hearing impairment."

Take any autistic child and you will not be able to rule out half of these. It does not mean they have these symptoms, it just reflects the extreme difficulty in diagnosing their ailments.

As for these symptoms:

Take any autistic child and you will not be able to rule out half of these.

Not according to ">http://www.autism-watch.org/about/bio2.shtml"> James R. Laidler, who wrote:

the children I had seen with mercury poisoning did not behave like my autistic son

(My bold)


I have experienced this same nonsense with alternative autism "treatments." It sickens me to think that there are people out there brainwashing desperate parents into believing their crap and forking over all of their money.

I had a doctor tell us that her treatments were very expensive but we should find a way to pay it and not give up until my daughter was cured.

Everything I tried on her from chelation to diet changes was making her sick. She lost a lot of weight. Autism is not curable. It can be controlled to some degree. It sickens me that people out there are playing snake oil salesman to parents of autistic children.


I wonder whether there is a specific testing protocol for determining the "level" of autism displayed by a child at a given developmental level. I would specifically be interested if there was one that was convenient to administer weekly (or more frequently) and involved minimal levels of interpretation.

Such a testing protocol would enable parents to regularly monitor the progress of their child and also the possible effect of any treatments. Such a test would, in effect, allow parents to come to some kind of conclusion about the value of the treatments they were providing for their child. A test with a single subject may not be convincing for many others, but it would be fairly convincing for the parents of THAT child. Such a course of testing would have some value for others if it were replicated enough times.

This kind of experimentation (akin to the self-experimentation advocated by Psych. Prof. Seth Roberts of UC Berkeley) would be very empowering for parents of autistic children, for parents of children with other disorders with no clear remedies of broad application, and for individuals suffering from a variety of maladies, addictions, and habits.

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