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May 10, 2005


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Unless you are a smoker, in which case you will have a fair amount of carbon monoxide attached to your hemoglobin.

Classic...it's the modern version of selling the Brooklyn Bridge to naive tourists.

"Water molecules tend to group together and form large clusters, which are too big to be absorbed optimally by the human body and so hydration becomes slower"
I was just ROFL on reading this.

But their stuff on oxygenation is an outright lie. Interestingly, each paragraph is factually correct. Oxygen is required for survival, air quality is declining, tap water has lower oxygen than FEMO2. They don't say that FEMO2 provides us our oxygen needs... coz that will be a white lie... but that is the inference one would draw on reading that page.

Humans don't have gills to absorb oxygen from water.

I always thought that "oxygenated" water would have an interesting effect on taste, the same way that carbonated water is usually made bitter.

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