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May 19, 2005


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Thought you might be interested in this post over at the "Huffington Post" Blog.


Love to see some sort of blog-style exchange with Kirby's post, but the site does not offer a comments section (!) Not sure that it qualifies as a blog because of this. Oh well.

Guy seems like he's got an agenda, and is probably not fond of questions, esp from informed critics.

Two questions, if anyone is up to answering.

1) Is there anything to this claim that the CDC is withholding data?

2) What are the physiological issues related to trace mercury in infants? I am suspicious of the autism claims, but are there any effects at all?

Take another look at your Huffington link, as it does appear to allow comments.

I noticed that now. I think they were getting tons of flak for calling themselves a blog without allowing comments. Props to them I suppose.

I do think that it is interesting that there is so much Cali/Hollywood type (which the HP really represents) support for the vax/mercury connection debate. Same groups that are enthralled by the "What the -bleep- do we know?" nonsense.

Anyone care to take a crack at my 2 questions though? They seem somewhat central to the issue, and hopefully helps dispute the cranks.



What do you think about this open letter to David Kirby? It ought to appeal to skeptics.

There is evidence if you look in to Robert Kennedy. He is a lawyer. He knows about a secret meeting discussing the dangers of thimerosol between the FDA, CDC and all the other big wigs from the vaccine companies.

Look at the Deadly Immunity papers online for the info. on the secret meeting.


You're a little late. Search this site for Kennedy and thimerosal - I think you'll find it has ben covered.

Here is a quote from the article you're reviewing:

"It is true that mercury is potentially toxic to the developing infant brain and that, as babies were given more vaccines, the total dose of mercury received increased (though it remained at trace level,..."

Skeptico, how can you possibly agree with the author that the total dose of mercury received remained at trace levels? Have you researched this at all?

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