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June 09, 2005


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I'll venture to point out that selling the aforesaid item on ebay, far from being evidence of religious idiocy, would in fact be the most rational action to take.

True. Buying it, however, might be a different matter. ;-)

It occurs to me that something like this would be immensely easy to forge using, say, a match or cigarette lighter. Or even some black ink. The road to wealth on eBay, I suspect, could suffer a traffic jam if too many people catch on.

In other thoughts, a woman who collects potato chips over the years with images on them must be pitifully sad and lonely.

How does anyone know how Jesus actually looked like?

I'm also wondering how prevalent pareidolia is in non-Christian religions. Do other cultures also stumble upon images of their deities in mundane objects? And what do they do with them? Venerate them? Wouldn't the existence of such nonChristian "appearances" be a blow to Christians who believe their deity is the only god in town? Or is it the case that "what you have is pareidolia, mine is the real McCoy," just as "you have mythology, I have religion."

Today is March 23, 2006. As fast as you can, you must:

1. Go to eBay

2. Search "Jesus on a Tortilla Chip"

3. Expect a Miracle

It's auction 9501037586 and it got more than 1,000 hits in its first three days.

Proof that there's a sucker born every minute!

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