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June 01, 2005


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I noticed the other day that the grocery store I work at carries the Zicam one. I thought it was the stuff Randi wrote about, but I didn't know they were being sued. Maybe we'll stop stocking it if I mention that.

I would think that a street dealer practicing homeopathic principles could provide (but possibly not report on) conclusive evidence for a 1x, 2x....Nx dilution hypothesis.

The last sentence is a fairly risky assumption. I that you would quickly change your attitude if you took a 50M dose (50,000 dilution) of a remedy such as Syphilinum (made from pus in a syphilis chancre), Medhorrinum (from gonorrhea), or Tuberculinum (taken from the sputum of a person with tuberculosis). Don't drink any coffee or let anything touch your mouth for 30 mins before or after and stay off the coffee for a week afterwards. Go on, give it a go - you'll be fine, after all you said there's nothing in them ;) Let me know how you get on.

50M? You’d be extraordinary safe at that dilution.

50M is the same as 50,000C. That is I believe, diluted by 100 to the power of 50,000 – a one followed by 100,000 zeroes!

As Avogadro’s number is 6.0 x 10 to the power of 23, you can be pretty sure there isn’t even one molecule left.

A 1:100 dilution is absolutely MEANINGLESS if you don't know the starting concentration! Why can't/won't they simply state mg/ml or mmol?

I think much people like homeopathic treatments because they are think it is very best & safe treatment.

In terms of positive safety, yes, they're very safe, because they have no effect whatsoever (beyond, of course, placebo). Or at least none that I've seen. That, of course, is the problem.

They can inflict negative harm, however, when a homeopath convinces someone to stop their real treatment in favor of homeopathy.

Hey BronzeDog… yes, to be convinced and or to stop ones treatment, when one has the scientific proof that it is working, as well as benefiting the individual, is not the smartest way to go. If one wants to try some other approaches, on top of their treatment to enhance their healing experience, that is up to them. But, they should know all of the scientific facts about the therapies. Also, about inflicting negative harm, there are many interesting studies in different medical communities on the “nocebo effect”, these fascinate me… Peace…

Yeah, I'm also intrigued by the nocebo effect. It's equal (well, maybe not) and opposite to the placebo effect. It's a good thing that it's filtered out by the same method.

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