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June 17, 2005


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The reader letters are now up at Salon, and are running roughly 85% in the "you guys fucked up" vein.

As a Salon subscriber, I've noticed that, science-wise, Salon has always had one big toe dipped in the Dark Side.

Well, they have pooped on ID before. So it isn't all bad. I think here they just got caught up in "the government is lying to you" fear rhetoric. Which, considering how the government HAS lied to us about things like, oh, WMD's in Iraq and torture at Gitmo, is an easy trap to fall into, I suppose.

The US governemnt is full of cover-ups.

Here is one.

Most Politicians are in the game for one reason only. Line their pockets and ensure their families strength for the future.

It's a good thing there's no thimerosal-autism link to cover up. But if there was, it'd be vitually impossible to do so for long...

Unless the link's advocates relied on methods like appeal to motive to convince skeptics, instead of evidence.

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