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July 08, 2005


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Crazy astrologist vs. rocket scientists. Hmmm...wonder who'll win.

Kinda like Crazy Creationist vs. real scientist, right Red State Rabble?

If her lawyer can get the right jury, she could win the first round.

Since when did astrologers track small distant comets anyway? I've never seen anything like that on any chart.

Even if she gets the world's most credulous jury, she still has to point to a specific thing that it caused and prove that she predicted it beforehand. Not going to happen.

You can really sue somebody for batshit crazy stuff like that? geeez--

Hmm... "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, my client clearly predicted that in June this year America would be destroyed by a vast tidal wave. Due to the ignorant and malicious clumsiness of NASA this prediction failed to come true, causing my client a serious loss of credibility and consequent loss of earnings."

Case proven!

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