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August 31, 2005


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this a suggestion. check out the case of the reincarnation of marilyn monroe/sherrie lea laird, very recentely presented to the public. i surely would like to read your shark wit point of view! ;)


This is bad! You start messing with the distance between hydrogen molcules and the next thing you know tritium and deuterium get too cozy and WHAMO! Pons and Fleischman can tell you that.

"Man reversed problem in one week"

Do they have to speak in medicalese?

If changing the bond angle in water from 108 degrees to 104 degrees has increased the incidence of cancer these past fifty years, then it has also done at least two other things (at least in the Western world):

[1] Greatly decreased the incidence of cardiac disease

[2] Greatly extended lifespans

Also, since we should assume that the bond angle changes throughout the world at the same time, why hasn't the incidence of cancer increased in places like Ethiopia, Somalia and Bangladesh? Or does their lower per-capita income alter the bond angle?

Perhaps this is the great secret! It is money that has altered the hydrogen bond angle! And by decreasing the amount of money you have, these devices can return the bond angle to a lower-income level.

It can certainly do that - the reduce your monetary asset level part.

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