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August 29, 2005


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Nicely put. Good post.

Uh-Oh. Better not let the DAN! (Destroy Autistics Now!) Doktors get ahold of this story. They'll trade in their carpet bags for alligator luggage as they shed crocodile tears over the senseless loss of life. Move those bank accounts to the Caiman Islands.

***Any resemblance to cold blooded reptiles either living or dead is purely intentional ***

If we'd been around for millions of years, we'd have that righteous alligator blood too!

Not to cross-over to another topic, but it could very well be that crocodiles have evolved to heal faster and be resistant to infections.

Considering their dinnertime interactions with conspecifics (their table manners are atrocious - and I'm not talking about elbows on the table!), there would be a distinct selection pressure in favor of fast healing and infection resistance.

After all, if they could evolve from an apparent endotherm back to an ectotherm in order to practice lay-in-wait feeding, the other features should be a cinch.

I figure it's just a matter of time before some quack in Florida decides that alligators are "close enough" to crocodiles and starts "harvesting" them for their "amazing immune system booster".


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