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August 23, 2005


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If I'd lived in Skelmersdale for any length of time then I'd probably want to abandon the UK as well...

Oddly enough I have never heard of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi or his "flying" although I had vaguely heard of TM but never actually looked into it.

Now, now -- having the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ("Hesh" to his friends) come to your burg is not necessarily all that bad. As Greg Brown put it:

If the floaters come to your town, your town, your town,
Floaters come to your town,
You might wanna stick around.

They meditate and get focused, focused, focused,
They do a little hocus pocus,
And the money just rolls in.

Disappointed, but not surprised that David Lynch is a TM fanatic, starting some sort of organization in LA to bring it to schoolkids. His solution for world peace. Stick to off-the-wall movies, David.

This item was reported on the 16th Skeptics Circle [http://redstaterabble.blogspot.com/2005/09/16th-skeptics-circle.html] with the notation, "although if you want to bounce up and down on a mattress you'll have to do it alone now." This may well result in a violent crime wave, but even more so in a significant decrease in population...

So it's been nearly 2 months since the Maharishi left. Surely a crime wave must have started in the UK by now. No? Really? Huh.

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