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September 20, 2005


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If you end up reading that article for too long, you'll end up frying your brain.

No, you won't.

Yes, you will.

YesNo, you willwon't.

(Cookie for knowing the reference.)

Just eat lots of fish or take DHA. You'll be okay.

This is a headline writer's problem: not reading far enough into the story to figure out what it actually says. I see it all the time. Blame it on too much to do and not enough time. Blame it on the editors for being careless. Blame it on the writer for burying important information. Blame it on the managing editor for not reading his news and raising hell when this happens.

Yep it hasn't only one or two health related advantages. And I think it is not possible to count on rest of the health related benefits of Green tea intake.

there seems to be a lot of research going on at the moment, but i personally do not believe green tea is gonna cut the mustard. researching, i stumbled on a new heavily investing company, on which some hopes seem to be riding. german only, sorry:

Alfred Wieder AG – MIG Beteiligung Affiris mit Weltmarktpotenzial

Alfred Wieder AG – MIG Beteiligung Affiris

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