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October 18, 2005


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Oh, I'm sure the credulous can find a way to resolve the two Biblical verses. It really wouldn't be that hard: God has one begotten son that shows up at different times in different places. He doesn't have to stay dead or anything, after all.

This is just a subset of Christianity trying to appeal to the space-alien enthusiasts.

This does not represent the beliefs of most Catholics... I've been Catholic all my life, and I've never heard of this crap, nor would I believe in it. Who knows why this was published. Money? hahha probably.

Nah, it's not wot Lord Runolfr said. Sure Jesus was Gods only begotton son - but a 'son' is human male young. The Glurgs, for example, were visited by God's only begotten spockett; this data, along with the extensive list of alien species visited with the Word, was omitted from the New Testament in the editing phase.

As any fule kno.

Space Mormons!

Er, the point you try and make with the second quotation doesn't work at all. At least according to traditional Christian interpretation of that passage. The "only" of this passage would be normally thought of as referring to the the Second Person of the Trinity, and two verses later it talks about the (only) Son being sent into the world, implying that he existed previous to this. The "only" means that the Father only has one Son, in some kind of eternal sense, independant of actual events. It emphasises the uniqueness of the relationship between Father and Son, which the person who wrote John seemed to think had a reality outside of the temporal realm (there are hints of this throughout John).

It doesn't mean that aliens have their own Jesus, or that the writer of John thought they did, but it does mean this quote doesn't really prove what you want it to.

Traditional Christian interpretation of that passage Council of 1879 or Council of 1912?

This all reminds me of Philip K. Dick's "Rautavaara's Case"...


So, does Jeezus have to go around to every inhabited planet in the universe and get his ass crucified there? What a drag!

No one said being born and raised as a blood sacrifice was going to be easy. At least Jesus gets lots of frequent flyer (and dyer) lightyears.

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