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October 18, 2005


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Did somebody mention intelligent design?

Personally, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy, but I don’t live in Kansas.

Go Fetch Your Shine Box Intelligent Design And Make Way For The Real Desizzle: RADICAL COSMOS PEDAGOGY

Carl Saget
Host of “The Universe’s Funniest Satellite Images”

All of a sudden the Holy Grail of answers came to me. Although, now that it’s come to me, the grail seems alot less holy.
Picture the atom. Check the spelling. Not 12 or Eve’s garden boy-toy (not to be confused with BioToi, one helluva portable, campsite shitter, I might add). The ATOM, as in building block of all things everywhere and beyond.
The atom has three basic building blocks. Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons. The neutrons are in the middle, or nucleus, and the electrons and protons move around the nucleus, especially the electrons, who zip around the neutrons real fast in what are called orbitals.
Starting to remind you of something? Maybe something really big with alot of “space?”
Does our solar system ring a bell? You bet it does!
Our solar system is one big atom!
The sun is the nucleus and the planets are electrons and protons orbiting around it. Of course it seems huge to us, but scientists in another dimension who are made up of these “solar system sized” atoms consider them tiny, just like us.
It’s all part of perspective.
Conversely, an atom making up a sliver of our fingernail contains a solar system unto itself. We consider it microscopic, but to the organisms of that dimension it’s enormously expansive.
Perspective once again.
This should be taught in schools! It makes perfect sense. It’s beyond comprehension on one hand, and completely simplistic in another.
Research? Proof? Scientific backing?
I mean Poppycock!!
How do you verify the elephant in the room other than by just pointing it out?
Core curricula in every science class I say!
We’ll call it Remarkably Gifted Design. (That’s good packaging)

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