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October 09, 2005


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Lying as usual seems to be pretty high up on the agendas of fanatically religious folks, as the following extract implies.
"In the Dover case, intelligent design appears to have found unusually clueless champions. If the plaintiffs' testimony is accurate, members of the school board made no effort until recently to hide their religious agenda. For years, they expressed pious horror at the idea of apes evolving into men and tried to make science teachers teach old-fashioned creationism. (The board members in question deny, or claim not to remember, having made remarks along these lines at public meetings.)"

I remember an article somewhere discussing the dismal state of science textbooks, where school boards never bothered to even read them. And pretty soon, they may be replacing them with fairy tales and the scientific method with journalistic "balance".

good article!

I enjoy horoscopes,I am amazed that the authors, can come up, day after day, with new things to say. The ones in "Onion", as especial favourites.

The following site helps to refine our understanding of ID, and deals with the major objections (wink) :


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