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November 12, 2005


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Clearly, Dan Hogan is unaware of the latest redefinitions in and of science, courtesy Michael Behe. Pity.

Quote: "I realize that astrology is particularly offensive to a large number of our readers." End Quote

Gee, it seems that on every level of reality vampires have an adverse reaction to 'light'.
Those people just have to stay up there nailed on their cultural crucifixes....

Most would probably equate astrology to 'dark' rather than 'light'. As in "astrology is to the Dark Ages as astronomy is to the Information Age".

Smart-ass skeptics would replace 'light' with 'bullshit' and 'vampires' with 'educated people'.

Gee, it seems that on every level of reality educated people have an adverse reaction to 'bullshit'.

Can we use that instead?

You do realize, of course, that having astrology on a science website is offensive, not because it's a different opinion, but because it's a lie, right?

Astrology doesn't work. <- Disprove this null hypothesis, preferably with double-blind tests.

I suppose next, you'll complain about medical websites cutting off ads for quackery that kills.

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