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November 17, 2005


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How do YOU know they don't work? Have you tried them?

Figgered I'd get the woo arguments outta the way. Good debunking! I saw you mention this on the JREF forum and didn't put 2 and 2 together when you told me you were working on a mass bullshit-calling effort.

I dispute this comment: "This is what he found it consists of: a round plastic container housing a printed computer art design..."

That isn't art!

We now return to this comment thread, already in progress.

Good stuff.

I got mine in a cereal box.

I ate one of these. Terrible gas.

a gentle wind is blowing, it's blowing everybody, it's blowing you and me.

> They were supposedly designed by benevolent “non-physical entities living outside the Earth's physical and astral systems”

They use Comic Sans on the astral planes too? Scary.

"The way they work is extremely complex and cannot be understood by anyone in humanity at this time."

Gotta love it. 'It works, but it's a double-super-secret thingy, so none of us mere mortals can understand it.' Sounds like religious dogma to me!

Here are a couple of more websites to add to your Gentle Wind Collection:



GWP is suing a couple of former members for defamation. In deposition testimony, GWP claims that their mind healing technology lead to the downfall of the former Soviet Union. Sheesh.

Boy, I am sold.
where do I get one?

what a shame.

I'll give 'em $2.50 for the card and $5 for the sand and plastic, but only if they throw in their detailed blueprint for how they destroyed Communism.

And for an organization that purports to provide awesome healing tools, they sure end up having to loan a lot of money out for "medical expenses".

Scrolling down into the pictures of "satisfied customers," I find this:

"Names and places withheld to protect children, their families and volunteers from harassment and possible violence from the consequences of fabrications of internet hoaxers."


I can't imagine there are too many happy customers.

I am very much intrest in healing puck.How will i get it.

made me laugh.....but healthwatcher.net and crazyterry polevoy as a reference?

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