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November 09, 2005


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Every time someone uses the "God" word, they're covering their asses.

Uh, Skeptico? John does, in fact, have a chapter 11. It has 21 chapters total. You must have gotten it confused with 1 John, 2 John, or 3 John, which only have 5, 1, and 1 respectively.

Anyway, I've always been amused at how certain famous folks think the *Creator*of*the*U*N*I*V*E*R*S*E*!* must be so passionately concerned about their careers that He'll intervene directly to help them out. I guess God is paying handsomely for his premium sports channels and wants to make damn sure he gets his money's worth. Kind of reminds me of the joke where a football coach is prepping his team in the locker room before the big game: "Okay guys, this is gonna be a rough one. God is on their side!"

Oops - you're right, thanks for the correction.

Terrell Owens, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, became the Philadelphia Eagles in a complex deal involving the 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens in 2004. But now the stance is that the Philadelphia Eagles don't want Terrell Owens in their line-up. The Eagles management is adamant that Owens will not return to the team. He has been overly critical of his team, in particular his quarterback, and his organization - most recently calling them "classless" for not celebrating a personal achievement.

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TO is still going to complain, no matter what. He thinks he is Gods gift to this earth. He is already rich enough to retire ( at least when you speak to the average individual)....however, he is not the normal individual......he is an a hole...BIG TIME.

The sad thing, is he will be picked up SOME stupid team next year and continue make his millions. TO is a sad excuse for a person.

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