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January 06, 2006


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Have you ever noticed how Pat is sort of a one-note act? City gets wiped out by massive hurricane? God smote the ho-mo-sect-u-alls! City rejects superstitious malarkey? God will smite the human secularist infidels! Aged Israeli PM has a stroke? God is pissed 'cause he wouldn't kill the Ay-rab interlopers! You'd think Pat's flock would catch on, but they never do. Of course, I have to wonder myself if Pat isn't really more concerned with his own mideast real estate deal than with peace (or the lack thereof) in the Middle East.

Religion is a mental illness.

God's a landowner now? Cool. How do we buy God's land? I just had a vision where he'd sell it to me for some beads and $24(US).

It's quite simple: You can take the land from Him. You just need some silver dust and a cleric or druid of high enough level to cast a consecrate spell to dispell the existing desecrate effect.


No, I got that right.

Sharon was very much overweight too, though I suppose Americans are so used to obesity they don't notice that.

*finishes his 12th Big Mac*

Huh, you say something?

Made me think of our anagrams post. Non-US readers ought to like this anagram:

United States of America = Dine out, taste a Mac; fries. (remembered to close tags this time. Sorry Skeptico:)

Another creepy related anagram:

Ariel Sharon = Oh, ran Israel.

John Stewart said the exact same thing about Sharon's weight and age last night on The Daily Show. Must be something about right-wing religious nuttiness that obscures your vision. I recommend Pat get his eyes checked.

I've found my life is a lot better now that I've started treating Pat Robertson's commentary as parody. I think of it as a funnier version of The Onion.

Robertson's 75 himself. It won't be too long before he dies. Will his followers blame God for that, too? It's interesting how they know which death's are God smiting (smoting?) and which ones are God calling his children back home.

I think what Robertson is trying to tell us is that everyone would live forever and be happy and prosperous if it weren't for God.

Seriously - he's perpetuating fear and superstition. I wonder why he would want to do that?

Of course God is behind all of this. God made me write this too.*


*This entire post is a poor attempt at humor

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