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January 16, 2006


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I think sometime I'm going to find some LSD test to perform on all my local water supplies, because I have a sneaking suspicion this post is just a hallucination of mine. If not, I think we should test that guy's neck of the woods.

Sure, sure, it's all fun and laughter until the knifes come out...


wow..i was just reading the article and the lumberjack song came on internet radio..hmm..what could it mean?

I dont know about this one.
I would reserve judgement because i have heard of things like this before.
There could be a correlation between the operation and the fact that he has now got womens bits in him.
I would say 50/50 true or false on this one before i dismissed it straight away.

Personality is stored in the brain. Unless he had a brain transplant, I don't see any way that could happen. Since the story is just one anecdote, devoid of proper controls, there's no way we can find a cause for his change in behavior. As far as we know, it's an excuse to do the right thing and be more helpful around the household after he had a brush with his mortality.

Besides, the whole organ donation/personality transfer thing started as an episode of the Outer Limits, didn't it?

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