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January 15, 2006


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So, Creationism has "mutated" again - "evolving" under the selective pressure of rising secularism and scientific competition. Now, in a development strikingly similar to the Batesian mimicry their "theory" denies, the Creationists have tried to make their dogma even more similar to science, in order to sneak it into the classroom and infect unsuspecting children.

You've gotta love their gall!


Of course, in his criticism of the thousands (Probably more like hundreds of thousands. Wouldn't surprise me at all if it passed the million mark, but as always, I digress) of papers, he neglects to mention that the peer review process would demolish any badly performed studies... Like they do with ID. If not... why isn't he spending some time tearing those articles apart?

Sorry, ID nutbars, evolution has both quantity and quality on its side. Creationism/ID/IE is still in the same gutter it's been in since prehistory. Why don't you spend less money on your PR department for covering up the grime and more time on actual science so you can get out of that gutter?

I believe similar logic is being used by the Bush administration in the occupation of Iraq: the more attacks there are by insurgents, the more evidence it gives us of the insurgency's "desperation" and therefore our impending victory.

Dembski is such a small step to Dumbski. There you are, Intelligent Evolution in action!
And as for teaching IE in schools,I believe many already do – it's called Internet Explorer...

Shorter William Demski:

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"


Hmm. I wonder. Is the ever changing name of this movement a response to its continually being naturally selected for extinction?

Probably. Camouflage is good for creatures with no other natural defenses.

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