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January 13, 2006


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Part of me hopes that Robertson will continue his string of blunders. Hopefully, by the time he's done, divine punishment will seem that much more unappealing as a concept.

He didn't say he was sorry when all the public outcry over his comments were first made public, only when he lost a lucrative business deal did he feel any sorrow. Sad.

Now I'm going to turn into a pillar of salt or something for saying so.

That guy is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

The great thing is that he keeps getting further and further out there. I wonder what will finally be too much even for the rabid christians?

Hopefully said rabid Christians will have an introspective moment as a result.

I doubt it, though.

The reek of money is all over this thing. If Robertson didn't have a huge money-making venture riding on this, he never would have pretended to apologize.

What a whore.

Robertson is probably certifiably insane. The trouble is he does have followers who think he's a saint. I get angry at the thought of such rank ignorance and stupidity. He and all his fellow evangelists are just about the most disreputable, dishonest, disgusting and deluded individuals on the face of humanity. On a par with Bin Laden and all those lovely, peaceful Islamic "evangelists". What do these people actually do for the state of humanity? They prey very profitably on the ignorant and fearful, and they promote violence and death to anyone who has the temerity to diagree with their idiotic ravings about ridiculous, imaginary gods. Such nice people!

> The reek of money is all over this thing.

Money and Power all the way. But has Pat ever done anything where it isn't?

Obligatory Pat link that no Pat thread should ever be without:

Here's another opportunist who makes "god" remarks then retracts them as "inappropriate". So why do these people spout such utter rubbish in the first place?


You know, I wonder if Robertson's faith is actually weak: Isn't everything God does not only "appropriate," but good?

If I ever meet up with a Robertson supporter, I think I'll ask that.

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