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January 05, 2006


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LOL, I love that book and suggest it to everyone that loves fantasy with a realistic touch. The 13th Warrior is a retelling of the Beowulf story. The movie is just meh, but Hergard the Joyous became a favorite guy.

I didn't get who I was until I pulled my you-know-what out of my you-know-where - Weath the Musician.

Maybe it’s me, but the eyestrain of reading white text on a black background is just too much. And going to from a white on black to a black on white site is just asking for a major headache. Why do I keep hitting this on so many blogs? Sorry about posting this here but I didn't see a contact for Runolfr on his site. Maybe you could pass this along to him.

ps; I've been enjoying site for sometime now. Thanks for all the info

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