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January 07, 2006


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Watching Larry King with Browne. His-Her sex change operation is so-so.

I can't stand these self-serving asshats! This "Psychic" charlatan has the gall to make it about HER, about HER predictions, no admission that she was wrong, no condolences for the dead? Its all about YOU Sylvia!
SHE was the one who knew the Pope was dead! What a shocking development! That 90-year old geezer finally kicked it? Wow you were really psychic to figure that one out!
I don't even care if these psychics are right or wrong. Just the fact that they are taken seriously, and put on television as if they had ANY authority on ANY subject, disturbs me.
I have a prediction, Sylvia... You're going to be wrong about something again! I wins!, I'm psychic and full of magic!

I try to look at things from a postive point of view. This is the first convincing evidence that Sylvia has ever offered with regard to her "powers."

Oh no, wait, she's wrong like this all the time. Nevermind.

I think it was Kenobi who said: "which is worse, the fool or the foolish who follow him"?

[geeky nitpick]

"Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?"

[/geeky nitpick]

Numerous dumb vulgar spam entries deleted by Skeptico

We get it, already. We know it, already. Stop spamming.

Her website still lists her predictions for 2000, one of which states

28. Democrats will win the election with Bill Bradley, with close competition from the Reform Party.
Although, I believe she stated different winners on various media outlets, according to the vibes she had at the time.. Many of her other predictions are equally accurate

Oh, sorry, Sandy, I had no idea that standing up for truth and protecting people from scam artists was such a worthless waste of our lives.

We'll just go back to selfishly spending our lives not contributing to society.

Of course, Sylvia's the one making money off of her lies, so she's the one with the burden of proof. We just have to demonstrate her repeated failure to live up to it.

Greetings. I USED to be a devout fan of Sylvia Browne; read all her books;saw her in Boston-BUT I have radically changed my view of her;she can't keep her tongue in her mouth(like a lizard); her talons grow longer- she keeps telling people "there are no demons..." I KNOW this "woman" is a reptoid in a human body.

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