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February 09, 2006


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Why does Jesus have no lips? A local man around my neck of the woods in Nashville was on the news recently because his beard was supposedly growing in with a patch that looked like a cross. He said it was a miracle and that he wouldn't shave until the cross was gone. Despite an exhaustive search I could not find a picture unfortunately. It was painfully obvious that this hillbilly had shaved it himself into a weeks worth of growth. There was even obvious stubble around the cross and what I thought was a nick on his cheek. As expected the reporter and anchors were impressed and I'm sure that many Nashvillians thanked god for this wonderous miracle. Frankly I wasn't impressed. I mean we've all seen his handywork right? The nun bun, the grilled cheese Mary, the Jesus tortilla, pancake pirate(In an odd coincidence my last post featured the picture of a pirate as well) etc, etc. I think god was just phoning this one in. I want to see the Last Supper on an eggroll next time or I'm going atheist. Oh wait, too late.

Funny, to me it looks like a chameleon with a very, very, very naughty mouth... I hope that doesn't say anything about me.

Anyway, what's with these culinary miracles? Why can't the deities try something along the lines of curing inoperable cancers in front of Randi? (Under proper viewing conditions, and after he recovers, of course)

Is it just me, or does it have a kind of O'Keeffe-esqe vaginal look? Is that sacriligeous?

Hey Clark
Even spookier you guys both have pictures of pirates on your last posts oooooeeeeooooo.
Or did you guys set this up ???
No wait it was the FSM you have been touched by his noodly appendage !!!
A miracle !!!!

That's a very aquatic looking Jesus. It looks more like a swamp thing with a beard.

Good to see God and Jesus are using their mighty powers to transform pancakes into their likenesses, instead of healing the sick of the world and feeding the poor children. Thankfully we can be reminded that He cares about us and loves us enough to appear in food!
Seriously, in a strange juxtaposition, I worship Burnt Pancakes, and recently I found the image of a Holy Pancake on Jesus Christ's buttcheek! Anyone interested email me at [email protected].

Thing I sometimes bring up when dealing with pareidolia: One day, I saw a cloud that looked EXACTLY like Evangelion Unit 02. Does that mean Gainax Studios manufactured the cloud?

Here's something I've noticed about my own pareidolia experiences:

While I'm staring at an image with enough "texture" and think about some specific object, or class of objects (e.g. buildings, fruit, office supplies, etc.) I will start seeing them. Some things are easier (e.g. faces, animals) but I've been successful at "forcing" the pareidolic images even for things like snowflakes, boxes, and toothbrushes.

If my experience is any indicator, then perhaps some people see Mary, Jesus, Cptn Pugwash, etc. in clouds, water stains, or pancakes because they litterally have such "people" on the brain.

It's taken me a while to figure out the blond, curly balaclava and the pubic hair all the way up to the nose. But it's just come to me in a flash, as revelations and migraines tend to. Why, it's none other than old Captain Pugwash's nephew - Harpo (Vagina Face) Pugwash.

This is a favorite of mine:


You can make one too!

Looks like eBay deleted the auction. I'm sure the high bids were joke bids anyway.

Dont' be too sure. I've been pinching pennys. Hmmmmmmmm Jesus pancake.

How about angel in a tomato???

If it's a pancake, it must be Jesus. It's a well known fact that images of Captain Pugwash only appear on toasted rye bread. I have also had limited success observing Marilu Henner in coffee dregs.

Is it just me or does Captain Pugwash resemble...you know...bits and pieces? A twig and berries? A...nevermind...

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