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February 25, 2006


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Spooky! Your blog's anniversary happens to be the same as my daughter's birthday (and if your blog happens to date to 3rd Feb 2003, then it's even spookier).

This is obviously proof of an arcane connection between these two apparently unrelated events - this blog and my daughter may even share the same horoscope! How could anybody possibly be skeptical of the otherworldly significance of such a stunning "coincidence" ... :)

Thanks for doing this. Vetmed, my profession, is swimming in deep voodoo, even in the traditional allopathic westmed mode. Witness the vaccination fury which many worry will upset the economic cart.

I have a new therapy I really like for FLUTD(feline lower urinary tract disease, which is NOT a urinary tract infection). I have the owner of the cat buy a chicken, save the bones, go to a graveyard at midnight, recite the Gettysburg address in Hungarian, and throw the bones over their left shoulder. Works as good as antibiotics for this non-bacterial problem. And the poultry industry thanks me.


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