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February 17, 2006


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Scroggins knew the man and wife? I suspect that Scroggins had seen something in their behaviour, or knew them well enough, that he subconsciously figured out what happened.

Think of it in programming terms; Scroggins' background processing had come to a conclusion about the crime, he was not consciously aware of his conclusion.

Dreaming is like polling a device for events. The conscious mind goes to sleep and sends out a poll for any events (conclusions) that the background processing needs to send to the conscious part of the mind. Voila, the dreams.

The other day I suddenly came to a stop before an intersection, and then a car sped across the intersection against the light. My son says "how'd you do that?? You're psychic!"

I couldn't have seen the oncoming car due to the buildings near the corner. I told him that I must have seen a reflection, or heard the car, there had to have been some information taken in by my senses, but that my aware brain hadn't noticed, and that the rest of my brain had just sent a message to stop NOW. There's no magic, son.

People have an intuitive sense that there is something else, something more powerful than what they are aware of. They call it god or magic or psychic phenomena. It's just the brain.

Occasionally, I'll get an insight from a dream. Usually, it's something so obvious that I didn't think about it.

Of course he could just be making it up or embelishing the dream. Dreams, like personal anecdotes, are notorious for having more and more detail the more we tell people about them.

It was reported uncritically because it was reported by the general news media. There is no way to tell whether the event actually happened as recounted, or what other factors entered into it. The news media love a story like that. My personal view on journalists: they are the worst educated of all professionals. I speak from experience, since I was a newspaper reporter before I went back to school and changed professions.

Dr. Hibbert: "Well, you'll still have your education. What's your major?"

Severly Injured Football Player: "Communications."

Dr. Hibbert: "Oh. My. [Ed]."

Football Player: "I know. Is joke major."

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