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March 24, 2006


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Well, beheading now is faster that a civil trial for later having become a child rapist.

It would be great if they published a canonical list of insults to god in advance.

"It would be great if they published a canonical list of insults to god in advance."

But that would, itself, be insulting to God.

These guys are slightly more clever than that!

Is there anything for which "god's bodyguards" wouldn't chop off anyone's head?
Next thing you know they'll be organising riots and demanding death to anyone disrespectful enough say they are violent and inhumane. Fuckwits!!

What you've got to remember: God isn't big enough to stand up for Himself. If it weren't for excitable and violent people like this, prepared to stand up for God by slaughttering people, God would just get kicked all over the playground. He especially needs from people who have been worshipping Him according to one rubric decided to worship exactly the same Him according to a slightly different but related rubric.

Islam is never having to say you're leaving.

I'm curious where the myth of Islamic moderation comes from. Is it PC wishful thinking? Or, is it simply a bell curve that sorts people into buckets - extremist means you'd kill me on sight, moderate means you only kill if a cleric tells you to, and lax means the other muslims will kill you? Or possibly it's just a placeholder, in case someday, some of them actually are?

Honestly though, I believe that politicians perpetrate this myth to make it harder for the religious leaders to whip their minions into a frenzy by claiming that the West is at was with Islam. We're not at war with all of them, just the ones who would kill us without being told to. Is that the theory?

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