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April 07, 2006


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Apparently, I need to watch more MAD TV. Sounds like they've actually got a dose of sanity.

Every time I've caught MadTV it's been funny as hell. Quite unlike the magazine, actually.

I have seen a Kevin Trudeau infomercial, once, late at night a couple of weeks ago. The MAD TV sketch sounds eerily accurate. The "reporter" on the infomercial really was that blatantly credulous. And KT really was that blatantly dishonest.

I could only stomach about 1 minute of it, so I don't know if KT also has a DVD or identity-disguised "doctors".

I've seen several versions of K-Tru's infomercials and he has yet to sell a DVD or make use of a doctor like that. All in all it sounds like the sketch was pretty accurate. But come on Skeptico, funnier than SNL. I usually find Mad TV unwatchable. Maybe it's better now.

SNL used to have good writers back in the day (say 1975-1982). Right downhill after that.

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