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April 07, 2006


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When I finally listened to DVC audiobook, my main reactions were:

*These characters are sooo annoying

*I really want to spend awhile wandering these gorgeous buildings

*This stuff is very familiar, where are the big surprises everyone is wowed with, where are the revelations the HRC Church is mad about? I read all this silliness years ago, and saw it exposed as silliness years ago...now where is that book?...oh, yeah, with my Arthurian collection...yep, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"

Holy Grail? The one of Monty Python fame?
This whole DVC, Holy bloody Grail, copyright infringement bollocks has to be one of the biggest time wasters ever. All the writers are stinking rich charlatans thanks to the generosity of the terminally gullible (the kind of people who think Harry Potter is a real person). Even Monty Python would have trouble doing justice to it. :)

You left out the biggest ouch. Losing parties in civil cases in Britain have to pay the winner's attorneys fees. In this case, that bill is $3.5 million.

I read "HBHG" when it came out, and each assertion struck me one of two ways: "So what?" or "so you say - prove it!" The whole thing was a house of cards perched on a tray supported by a vertical cocktail stick IMO.

I haven't bothered with "DVC". I read "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown, and a more poorly researched, badly characterised, cliched excuse for a techno-thriller I've yet to encounter.

My first thought on hearing the hype for "DVC" was "Oh, it's a rehash of HBHG". I must admit, I thought Baigent and Lee might have had a chance.

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