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April 01, 2006


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I'm beginning to wonder if my jokes about LSD in people's water supplies are actually true.

What exactly is "mainstream" science? Do the practitioners, like, actually do research instead of making things up or what?

Guys, this is a joke. At least the video is. It has to be. If it was a real product, they wouldn't want customers to think that their cellphone would cause people of both sexes to attack them.

If I was a betting man, I'd bet a whole lot that it was an elaborate joke.

The problem with being a well-informed skeptic is that the lines between real woos and fake woos almost completely vanish.


Did you check the date of my post?

Damn you, Skeptico! Making me feel clever and insightful like that, only to remind me that I'm neither!

Oh well, typical day for me.

Just to be clear here – the Pherotones site is obviously a spoof. I thought the video of the groom at his wedding running off to have sex with another man when he heard the guy’s cell phone go off, was a pretty big hint. As was the $6,900.69 "research grant". Anyway, for April fools I decided to do a spoof debunking of a spoof site. A bit too subtle, perhaps?

Admittedly, some genuine woo sites are so out there it’s difficult to tell at times.

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