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May 24, 2006


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Wow, what a bumper crop this week! It's gonna take me a while to get through them all. Great job, Skeptico...whichever of you was responsible.

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight...and tomorrow night, and over the weekend... Nicely done, Skeptico/Donkey!

If we're intelligently designed:

Why do men have nipples?
Why do the retinal nerves exit on the "wrong" side of the retina?
Why do we have an appendix?
Why couldn't the omnipotent designer fix it so we could breathe and drink at the same time without choking? Dogs don't have this problem.But then, they don't have to talk.
Why don't our nails grow to a certain size and then stop?
Why did Donkey take the "Skeptico" blog?

Why couldn't the omnipotent designer fix it so we could breathe and drink at the same time without choking? Dogs don't have this problem.But then, they don't have to talk.

I'll trade you that ability for some thumbs. It's tricky typing and playing Armored Core without them.

Classic. I'm sure this new handle would have caused Eddie Murphy to guffaw as well. But this might be the best: "whoever saw a dog give birth to a cat?"

Kudos to all.

Hey thanks for including me in the circle. My very first Skeptic's Circle! Thank you Donkey, I am truly honored.

God doesn’t bother himself with random number generators, now does he?

Einstein said so.

Excellent! Donkey is just the right voice for a skeptic's circle!

Nicely done. Laughing my *donkey* off.

One correction to be made, though...

Dude, Jake: not a "he".

Well done, Skeptico! The format this time was "intelligently designed!"

It's going to take me days to read everyone though!

IAMB - thanks. I corrected Donkey's mistake.

Come off it, Skeptico, we all know you faked the existence of Donkey to get us to read more Skeptico Classic. ;)

Oh, figure I might as well mention it: Had a fourth entry, but Skeptico figured three was enough:

Doggerel #5: "Worldview"

And today's post: Doggerel #6: "Impossible"

I've been busy, haven't I?

Rather well done indeed, and from a new viewpoint too. Interesting.

But, "Ridiculous – if there was no Ark, how did the animals survive? Got you there."

Yep, you sure did. LOL

Regardless, great contributions all around.

That was a good & funny job Donkey - I am sure you got some help from that Creator, wink wink - further solid and irrefutable empirical evidence that the creator must exist, right? Now could you pls. tell him to vanquish that Devil - my prostate is bothering me. Thanks in advance!

I think the "dog giving birth to a cat" strawman is a hoot. Who ever saw a mountain growing? If you measured the height of Everest every day for ten years, you wouldn't see any change (unless you had _extremely_ sensitive equipment). Therefore, the Earth must have been created with the mountains in place.

I think a more reasonable question than the dog-cat one is "who ever saw a man who was not quite the same height as his father?"

That's not quite such an earth-shattering poser, but that sort of change is what drives Darwinian evolution. Random variation combined with very _non_-random natural selection.

We human beings may have hardly changed over 60,000 years or so, but that's absolute _peanuts_ to the sort of timescale over which natural selection operates.

Hang on - I forgot! The earth was created in 4004 BC. On October 23rd. At 9 a.m. We know that for a fact because Bishop Ussher of Armagh said so.I guess that pretty much wraps it up for Darwin, doesn't it?

Woo-hoo! I'm converted! I see the light! Evolution is nonsense! (scampers off into the distance, clicking heels and praising the Lord).

I Think I Blew A Fuse...I called Jake out on this for misrepresenting me and he/she refuses to acknowledge this. It is a deliberate and low attempt to characterize me and my blog. Jake, shame on you!

So now the fake Skeptico is trying to squirm out of the situation by claiming he had never heard of this "Skeptico".

Has he also not heard of Google?

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