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May 20, 2006


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Crossroads is a Catholic organization.

This is perhaps indicative of the Roman Catholic Church starting to support Intelligent Design instead of evolution. ID, by design, is vague enough to allow almost any god-centered organization to embrace it and reject philosophical materialism.

I put together a big-picture overview of ID a few days ago for the faculty at Boston Latin School. Many readers here should know this stuff, but there might be some new things to newer folks.

Intelligent Design Overview For US Science Teachers

If there's anything important I've left out, please let me know.

Don't worry, astrology is next on my list of Bad... exposés.
Although I doubt it'll make a blind bit of difference - if you want to believe in fluff, then you'll find a way to ignore the real world.

Skimmed over your stuff earlier, BH. Good stuff. Be sure to get some sort of certification card so that you can whip it out if you end up arguing about it in meatspace. Same for the astrology stuff.

I've always found astrology a fun hobby but we all know there's know scientific proof it has any validity. This I just find disturbing. Good on you for un-covering these fluff balls for the bogus dorks they are.

What's there to debate? Astrology is but a parlour game...

As a schyzotypal, fortunately, I do not embrace the supernatural or the paranormal or other nonsense as my fellow schyzotypals do! I find one has to be rather gullible t o embrace those notions.How would life be if there were a god? Reduction in eviL? A desinged world rather than one that natural selection, the anti-chance agency, produces . A beginning of existence when it i s committing the fallacy of composistion to do so? Do pschics ever use psychic ability or is it just luck or detective ability when they a few times get things right against the million s of times they are just in the way and wrong?What astroger has ever got it right ? H ow come the Amazing Randi and others can imitate the paranoramalists? Why do psychics ever lie if they are so good?Parlour games are alright . Why not more interest in science and less in mumbo-jumbo?

Not only is there no scientific proof of the validity of astrology, there is plenty of scientific proof that has no validity - except as a money spinner for those fraudulent individuals known as astrologers. Look at a 3d model of the universe; the scale of the universe; the distances between stars, galaxies etc.; the inverse square law of gravity... None of these things was appreciated by the Egyptian astronomer Ptolomy, on whose maps modern astrology relies. They all demonstrate that astrology is nonsense. But the real wonders of our existence and the universe are far too great, and far too exciting, for the tiny imaginations of believers in the supernatural - astrology, religion, creationism...

"there is plenty of scientific proof that has no validity",
should read,
"there is plenty of scientific proof that it has no validity"!

Agreed. New readers to this blog should read the astrology challenge and What do you mean, “test” astrology?

Might as well repeat this once again: I have more respect (less disrespect?) for astrologers than I do for IDers. At least astrologers put forth predictions. They're wrong, but at least they step up to the plate.

Oh, and Skeptico: A guy using your name has commented on Bad Homeopath's thing.

Neither of the debaters is a scientist, and neither of them does science.
It's a dialogue of the deaf (and blind and stupid)

I'm sorry. We Scorpios don't believe in astrology. That's a typical Scorpio trait. I'd so love to believe in it, and I would, if it weren't for that the position of that pesky unconnected collection of parsec-distant stars when I was born!

Damn those stars, and the moon and the sun, and the asteroids, and the interstellar dust (that surely has to account for something!).

I'd give anything to be credulous and wide-eyed, but this damn Scorpio blood has made me a skeptic.

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