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May 22, 2006


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I think from now on, we should refer to him as "lame ass" (or "donkey" for places with strict COCs) with a link to this Skeptico entry, to prevent his confusion.

This goes along the lines of Generation Abandon buying oracknows.com to try and make it look like Orac over at Respectful Insolence endorses their nonsense, even though he doesn't.

Showing my support: Accept No Substitutes: Donkey is NOT a Valid Replacement for Skeptico.

Just a hint. Append a rel="nofollow" attribute to the html link to the donkey's web site. This way, the search engines won't count the link when calculating page rank.

I'm doing a little Google cherry-bombing linking the text "lame donkey" to him. At least, that's how I think it works.


Thanks. Done it - I think.

Wait this isn't the anti-evoltuoin site?



Could it be possible the chap just accidentally used the same name as OurBelovedSkeptico? I know our one is relatively well known in the online skeptical community, but it's at least possible the ID proponent just didn't know about our wee man of reason, unless anyone has evidence to the contrary.

I contemplated the possibility, but I doubt it. Mostly a gut feeling.

Plus a IDiot impersonating a skeptic to push his Time Cube Guy-esque "arguments" would not be a very extraordinary explanation.

Based on past experience, I'd say it's just an accidental use of the same name for two reasons:

1) Something similar happened in the right-leaning blogosphere with Moxie.nu and a another blogger who started a site called MoxiePop. It became a cavalcade of retardation, to the point that (so it seemed) one of Moxie.nu's fans got MoxiePop fired from her job.

2) I'd never been to nor heard of this site until Pharyngula linked over, and I'm a pretty avid blogger/blog-reader.

Remember, even the ID crowd considers itself to be rational and skeptical, no matter how misguided such thoughts may be.

Would there be any grounds for asking Blogger to drop his account? They might consider it a case of intellectual property infringement. Making him change his handle at least a little might prevent some confusion.

Breach of Copyright?


Lying - if he is a cretinist and/or an IDiot he is certainly a fool, and probably a liar.

Is he leaving comments as Skeptico in comment sections you've been known to frequent, or have linked to you, etc.? Because that would be a "smoking gun", wouldn't it?

I know he's been by the Uncredible Hallq's place, which has a link on the left.

Wait. Someone thinks it's possible a person creating a blog to support Intelligent Design and criticise evolutionsry theory might randomly come up with the name "Skeptico?" Sorry, I ain't buying it.

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