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June 07, 2006


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I admit it, this cold/virus thing is kicking my butt! I take anti-biotics, I begin feeling better, they run out, I get sick again

So is he the one we can blame for resistant bacteria?

I love it! As for Darwin's general state of health, he seems to be doing okay in California: Darwin in Davis.

Hey - what's the guy doing taking medicine? Why doesn't he just pray?

Re: The link in Davis, CA.

I went to high school there. DOn't let that article fool you. These are the same people who built a toad tunnel and wound up on the Daily Show for it. Lot's of new age crystal shops doing great business there. Seriously wacked out little town. They've even declared themselves a nuclear free zone. The college is about the only highlight.

I have no comment on the article at hand Skepitco. I'm still stuck on anti-biotics for a virus. Jeebus.

You don't really BELIEVE in these laughable virus things do you? It's all just a matter of good and evil qi.

The important signature of the "antibiotic" is its antipathy towards the basically malign entity of disease, regardless of its origin. The evil energies will recognise this and be repelled by Wu Wu's Third Law of Biothaumic Resonances. In fact, it is not even necessary to take the "medicine". The mere intent to do so is sufficient and, in fact, is more potent.

Since this mighty sage laid down his principles over 4,000 years ago, no Johnny-come-lately so-called "theories of biochemistry" can be expected to compete. You close-minded, ignorant followers of the current paradigm should take heed of such ancient wisdom - it's 4,000 YEARS OLD!

I must admit, though, I did wonder why the gentleman didn't just take a 500C homeopathic preparation of snot and pepper. Such a powerful dilution should have the cold influences fleeing for cover all over the country. I wouldn't be surprised if such a lethal cocktail didn't wipe out colds for good!

I'd do it myself, but I don't have the skill and experience to produce and handle a dilution of this magnitude. In the hands of an amateur, this could be a homeopathic atom bomb!

Of course, atoms don't exist either...

On the "Ha! this wisdom is ancient knowledge!" kick, I wonder if the woos ever play one-upmanship, e.g "Well, this remedy is 4001 years old! So that beats you!"

You fools! You will never understand. Who cares about all this "science"? All this "rationality"? What matters is who's going to Heaven and who's going to H-E-double-toothpicks.

There is one and only one truth: The literal truth of the Bible. Believe that, believe *every* word as literally true, and you, like me, will go to heaven, where we will not only take pleasure in singing the praises of God but also witnessing every sadistic torment visited eternally on those who disagree with us even in the smallest detail.

Remember that God is a Jealous God, a God of War, a God who must, above all, be feared. Every time you think instead of pray, every time you question instead of submit totally to the authority which God has set above you, you forge the chains which will bind you forever in Satan's ghastly realm!

One thing that's scary is that some people can actually say what Cretinist did without sarcasm.

"H-E-double toothpicks" is where there are wall-to-wall 100-inch plasma TVs running Fox TV "documentaries" about homeopathy, Graham Hancock, moon hoaxes etc. around the clock.

And you get to be the token skeptic with the 10-second "balance" soundbite that makes you sound like a total dork.

So is he the one we can blame for resistant bacteria?

No, dummy. Bacteria don't evolve. Darwin is dead. You evilutionists never listen.

why isn't my name showing up? I'm signed in to typekey.

This whole typekey thing is bull.

Jakobpunkt, whose name is invisible.

Darwin IS dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

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