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June 06, 2006


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No one said royal families were smart. Though it is an advantage if you are a royal, to be smart enough to hang onto your head.

Actually, you have picked a picture of a therapy that DOES work.

And, of course C. Wales has also supported worthwhile causes, via the Princes' trust in sustainable development, good food, local self-help organisations, and livable-in buildings and architecture, as opposed to depressing all-concrete blocks.

Some you win, some you lose .....

Sorry to be a stickler, but Henry VIII didn't start a new religion. Martin Luther did that. Henry remained Catholic, although not Roman Catholic, pretty much until the end of his life, if I remember my A level history rightly.
And when it comes to being Defender of faith, I reckon Charles has a point. The western world lacks faith. We've all become way too cynical and that doesn't make us happy. I'd defend faith too, if I believed in it. But I don't, because I'm too cynical.

I'm not cynical: I don't have any reason to doubt that Prince Charles is being sincere about his motivations.

Of course, he's still stupid.

You're right, Skeptico. Henry VIII was given the title "Defensor Fidei" by Pope Leo X in recognition of a book the king wrote in defense of the seven sacraments (and papal supremacy). It was aimed at the attacks on Catholicism by Martin Luther. The title was revoked by a later pope when Henry broke with Rome, but British monarchs have continued to use it, now in defense of Anglicanism (the Church of England).

Y'know, if Charles really believes in homeopathy, he could save himself a few pounds by taking that one beer and diluting it thousands of times. I'm sure he'll get just as drunk from a pint of water with a molecule of beer in it, right?

We've already tried it on this side of the Atlantic, it's called "Budweiser."

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