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June 28, 2006


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I love it how people who believe in a god think he gives a flying fuck about stuff like football.....

Ah, well, you see, Brazil has a larger population, and therefore more people praying for Brazil to win.

Of course, God has to go with the majority prayer vote. If it be His will, of course.

Another consideration is that Ghana beating Brazil might have been taken as proof that God exists, and we know He won't allow that. Therefore, He has to side with the probability curve.

If it be His will...

Why people expect God to take sides in a sporting event is completely beyond me, but then that's true of most religious thinking.

It's simple, Lord R: because they're all true believers and God daren't risk a dent in his fan base. Jehovah needs to be surrounded by people telling him how great he is all the time or his ego starts to deflate.

Since Mexico has a much larger population than Ghana, Our Lord cut his losses and shafted Ghana. Still, they're praising him as loudly as ever - without divine help, they'd have lost 27-0. So Yahweh's fan club is as strong as ever, and he can carry on basking in adulation and keeping the universe ticking.

"This year is ours and in faith we will claim whatever belongs to us Ghanaians."

Obviously, the World Cup doesn't belong to Ghanaians, so the Almigthy didn't favor Ghana.

I think I don't understand the reference to Mexico. I feel it was a typo and should say "Brazil" instead of "Mexico".

By the way, Argentina beat Mexico, though there are three Mexicans for each Argentinian. Maybe it was because Mexicans tend to pray almost exclusively to intermediaries (e.g. Virgin Mary) instead of the Almighty itself (and the Almighty is jealous and vengeful), or because there are more Jews and Muslims in Argentina with direct contact with God, and that should count for something, or just those "Mysterious Ways".

That Argentina and Brazil won because their teams are far way better in soccer football? How dare you filthy heathens!

PS: Great blog. I have read it for a while but this is my first comment.
PS2: Sorry for the crappy grammar / spelling / vocabulary: English is not my native tongue and I'm better reading than writing. :)

Honestly, I think that prayer to any deity just won't counter "Mad Futbol Skillz."

C'mon, who are they kidding?! Everyone knows the Brazilians are unstoppable. God does too, apparently. I'm still rooting (not praying, of course) for "gli italiani". Forza Azzurri!

Ghana: If God be with us, who could be against us?

Brazil: Ronaldo.

"Ghana: If God be with us, who could be against us?

Brazil: Ronaldo."

And Ronaldinho. And Robinho. And Adriano. And Kaka.
So, apart from God, who else was an Ghana's side.
What I want to know is, who will God be supporting when Germany plays Italia. His self-appointed representative in this neck of the universe, Herr Ratzenburger, is clearly German. But Il Papa must have some allegance to Italy since the old curmudgeon is always trying to interfere in Italian domestic affairs; as if it had anything to do with him.
Forza Azzurri! And we have the best national anthem. :)

Sorry, pereque, I did mean Brazil. God must have been moving in on me in mysterious ways.

Hahah! Even God has given up on the Brazilians! Forza Azzurri!

It appears that Benedict has turned on his homeland. How appropriate!

Ah, but his adopted country has gone through! Il Papa must be keeping the cardinals on his side, since Germany's mostly Protestant...

Remember, when John Paul II was in the Vatican, Poland never won!

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