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June 30, 2006


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I remembered a (bad) joke:

PSYCHIC: This is the Psychic Line, what can I do for you?
CALLER: Guess it.

I said it was bad.

About that New York State law:

It is illegal to bill yourself as a fortune teller capable of using occult powers to answer questions, give advice or get rid of those pesky evil spirits
Doesn't that a law sound like something passed by fuddies to their anti-occult crusade? Hey, I love to see psychics imprisoned for their trickery, but I worry more about the enforcement of a theocratic-like law.

I saw a documentary where an American police sergeant said he had arrested a lot of fortune-tellers and supposed seers, and he said "Not one of them ever told me why I was there when I walked in."

My test for the validity of a psychic's abilities: "OK, if you are really a psychic, tell me: what's my Visa card number?" Interestingly enough, this has never worked.

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