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June 01, 2006


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They have already banned most good stuff from chem sets for safety reasons. I remember feeling envy at Oliver Sacks' book "Uncle Tungsten"-he had liquid ammonia and other cool stuff in his home lab. And buying allergy meds in Missouri just isn't worth the trouble.

Hmm... they'll be banning roadmenders' tar next. It's got pitchblende in it, and that contains. With the aid of a fully equipped electromagnetic or centrifuge separation plant to concentrate the U235, a major road might be turned into a nuclear weapon within a millennium!

Maybe that's why the M25 near where I live is so often at a standstill. The authorities must be leaching out all the uranium from it to prevent such a catastrophe. It's the only sensible explanation.

"It's got pitchblende in it, and that contains."

See, they even extracted the uranium from that post! ;)

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