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July 27, 2006


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Dubois came through northern California recently and gave an interview to the Sacramento Bee. The result was a completely lame and credulous puff piece. She could have written it herself. (And maybe she did! Who knows how much material the writer cribbed directly from Allison's press kit?)

Some people wrote complaints to the newspaper and others contacted the public editor. The public editor basically said "Who cares? It's entertainment and entertainment doesn't have to be true." Gag!

You can find links to the original Bee article, the complaints, and the public editor response here at a blog dedicated to keeping an eye on the Bee.

I'm almost sorry I'm an atheist. I wish there were a special corner of Hell reserved just for callous, self-serving, hard-nosed frauds like Alison.

I think it would be interesting if when Allison Dubois is doing her publicity stint on the morning shows, is to have Karen and/or Kris show up and confront Dubois on the actual facts on their late sister.

But then... I think it would turn into a Jerry Springer type of event.

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