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July 14, 2006


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Hmm... the time could be right to make a killing on worry-beads and Nerf balls - "every bit as effective as Gentle Wind's potent products but only a fraction of the price!"

If I sold the beads and balls at, say, £100 each, I could be a rich man!

There seems no limit to gullibility - perhaps we could find a new gullibility-powered energy source and save the planet!

The possibilities are endless...

GWP sells "healing instruments" that are supposed to cure emotional trauma. Their "instruments" are based upon “high-frequency temporal shifting, matrixed with millions of pre-defined etheric modifications operating in a vertically and horizontally oriented polarization.”

GWP says that it manufactures their instruments based upon knowledge they have received through “telepathic impressions in the form of engineering blueprints” from “a place outside this Earth and its astral system.” Of course there is no way to objectively verify the effectiveness of the "healing instruments" that GWP sells for prices ranging from $450 to $7,600 or more.

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