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July 28, 2006


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Well, she did give some new "information" in that he only has a single mother. The problem is, first of all, how common is that today? And secondly, as you pointed out, any amateur psychologist could point to that as a reasonable explanation.

I've gotta show my parents all this evidence. They still watch that stupid show thinking it's based on a true story. (It may be truthy, but not facty.)

As for "why he prefers to attack women", the fact is that serial killers almost exclusively kill in line with their sexual preferences - heterosexual serial killers slaughter women or girls and homosexual ones murder men or boys.

I, too found the "wrong place at the wrong time" quote ludicrous and laughable. The opposite would have been "He'd only have killed her if she hadn't been there, or if she'd arrived after he left."

The whole thing was a morass of glib generalisations. I am glad the police haven't bothered to waste their time on Ms. Dubois' nonsense. I trust they prefer to put their faith in Luminol, PCR, behavioural profiling and other aids and disciplines that prove their validity and their worth again and again.

In the case of the "Mad Bomber", the profiler made a huge number of detailed predictions about the perpetrator, including that he was a Slav, a Catholic in his 50s, a skilled mechanic from Connecticut, and that he was likely to flare up at work if criticised.

The kicker was that he predicted that when caught, the man would be wearing a double-breasted suit, buttoned up whatever the weather.

When the police, aided by the profile, went to interview George Metesky and asked him to accompany them, he came out of his house in a buttoned-up double-breasted suit.

All the other predictions were correct too, and they helped lead the police direct to the bomber - not just "true after the event" like Alison's vague visions.

The bombings took place in the 50s, before forensic profiling was even thought of, and the relevent psychologist justified ALL of his predictions before the event.

If the psychologist had been on the wrong lines, his predictions were so many and so detailed that he houldn't possibly have weaselled himself out of the situation. More than this, he convinced the police to publicise the profile, saying the bomber would be likely to respond to it - can't see Alison doing that!

Check out


for details of this fascinating case. There's prediction I will believe in - based on logic and reason rather than woo philosophy.

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In Unholy Messenger, Stephen Singular recounts how a psychic was absolutely certain that the BTK killer was hiding out in a barn in Iowa. No word on what happened to that psychic's street cred when Dennis Rader was arrested. In Kansas.

Ah, c'mon, he was pretty close - the initial letter of the predicted state was only two letters away from the correct one, and the number of letters LIKEWISE displaced by two.

"Dennis" has two identical letters. So does "Rader". Kansas has FOUR, one for each name!



You see, the police are just so damn LITERAL; they ought to be able to see through to the essential truth in the psychic's work.

I'm sure any self-respecting psychic or numerologist would be able to come up with some significant "hits", after a bit of head-scratching.

Sigh. I guess it's time once again to call upon the infallable random word generator to help these poor, pathetic "psychics":

Knife, ark, herb, composer, record, cup, capsule, chain, rock, horoscope!

Shame on you, Ron. Don't you know there's no such thing as a random word? They're all plucked from the cosmic group consciousness, or Ramtha, or the Akashic Record or whatever the infallible source of knowledge is this week.

Any half-way "competent" astrologer or psychic detective can twist any word they used into a "hit", even if they were a million miles from the truth with a literal reading.

I'm getting something with and H or maybe a T and definitely feminine . . . definitely a woman. Yes, that's it, the HOT MS. Arquette, that's the reason Medium is such a popular show. I'm predicting, I'm getting yes it's coming to me, another banner season for the show with the HOT blond who was in the Linquini Incident . . . oh dang, I'm not a psychic afterall.

So, Allison's generalizations are pretty general. I haven't yet seen her doing the the psychic scrabble game like Edwards and VanPraagh . . . is it just me or does she play that game too?

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